Hostgator vs Dreamhost Webhosting

Different businesses make different profits depending on their size and how costs are managed. It is the dream of every business owner to lower cost as much as possible while providing competitive products. There is no difference between that aspect and that of an online platform. The only difference is that online platforms use websites which means that you need to be a bit faster in your thinking. For instance you need to understand that your hosting partner matters and plays a significant role in your website workability. We thought it will be wise to compare different web-hosts in the market today in order to help you make wise decision while choosing one. Here is unbiased comparison between hostgator and dreamhoster.



Everyone consider this aspect when it comes to hosting. Different companies have different hosting prices. Hostgator for instance offers their customers hosting services from as little as 3.95 USD per month while dreamhoster offer their cheapest hosting services at 4.95 USD per month. That’s not all about these companies. In dreamhost dedicated servers hosting goes for 169 USD per month while in Hostgator it goes for 105 USD per month which is far much less. VPS hosting services in Dreamhost will cost you 15 USD per month while in Hostgator will cost you only 11.97 USD per month. Dreamhost includes also shared hosting and managed wordpress hosting which costs 8.95 and 19.95 USD per month respectively. You can take advantage of registration services to get hostgator domain names for just $10 per year.

Hosting features

Dedicated hosting

Hostgator offer their clients up to 10TB bandwidth under basic dedicated server, 2 dedicated IPS, 4GB RAM, 500 GB RAID-1 drives, 100 mbps uplink and up to 2.3GHz dual core Intel xeon. In standard dedicated server the dual core used is of 2.5GHz, 1000 RAID-1 drives, 15TB bandwidth and 3 dedicated IPs. This not only ensures that they have unbeatable control over their hosting but also improve working of their websites. Otherwise Dreamhost offer up to 16GB of RAM, 1TB storage and web-based server control under dedicated server hosting.

VPS hosting

Hostgator’s VPS hosting is highly customized which allows customer to upgrade their sites frequently as they grow. Due to that you will notice that all of them utilize 32-core AMD opteron 6376 processor, 128 GB RAM and 3.6TB RAID storage. Dreamhost offer their customers 8GB of RAM, 30-240 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. It is clear that hostgator are highly economical in this category yet they offer more important features that will not only improve working of your website but also make it is easier for you to upgrade to other hosting services when you need them.

Economical features

Hostgator offers numerous features which are highly economical. Some of them will even cost you nothing. For instance they offer unlimited emails accounts, MySQL databases, domains, free site builder and fully managed c-panel. Dreamhost does not utilize the advantages of c-panel since they use web based control panel.

Customer care support

Hostgator are award winners for the best customer care services; their clients can testify that. Their customer care offer telephone and email support on 24/7 basis to ensure their clients business continuously operate without stoppage. hostgator doesn’t offer telephone support instead they only allow ticket submission or emailing.

If you have read carefully details in this article, it is clear that hostgator is economical and best host both for new or already established website; it gives you all tools for growing your business at an affordable and incomparable rate. Don’t make a mistake host with them today!

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